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Experience the groundbreaking power of artificial intelligence with the world's first fully AI-powered radio automation software.

Unlock the limitless potential of AI with AI Radio DJ, a cutting-edge platform fueled by GPT-4 technology.
Combined with CLOSE RadioTV, it delivers customized content curated for local markets around the clock. Enhancing the experience further, our AI neural voice technology brings this captivating content to life, captivating audiences like never before.


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8 key things you should know about
AI Radio DJ

AI Radio DJ transforms localized visual radio content by harnessing cutting-edge technology like GPT-4, AI voice technology, powered by CLOSE RadioTV Visual Radio Software Automation.
This powerful blend enables precise story discovery and social content curation. The result is an unmatched visual radio experience that caters to any market and format, tailored to perfection.


Possesses the ability to analyze your music log and provide engaging commentary about the songs or artists featured on your station.


Has the capability to monitor real-time updates from your local market and deliver instant commentary on the current events and news.


Excels at teasing and pre-promoting content leading up to breaks, building anticipation and engaging listeners with compelling previews.


Has the ability to provide real-time updates on weather and traffic conditions, keeping your listeners informed and engaged.


You have the power to schedule announcements, news, events, and any other information to be seamlessly spoken by our AI Radio DJ. This feature allows for precise timing and delivery of important content to keep your audience well-informed and engaged.


Enable automatic downloading of music video clips played by your station effortlessly.


Configured to align with your audience's specific interests and demographics. This customized approach creates a seamless connection between your station and your listeners, delivering content that resonates and keeps them coming back for more.


Works in conjunction with mediaTV, the most advanced and user-friendly radio automation playout system from CLOSE RadioTV

Unleash the future of radio with
AI Radio DJ

AI Radio DJ offers Real-Time updated service elements, enhancing your radio experience.
With locally hosted news, weather, and traffic reports, stay informed and connected to your audience.

AI Radio DJ integrates seamlessly with mediaTV Radio Automation System from CLOSE RadioTV, allowing for the automated retrieval of music video clips that are currently being played. This feature enhances the visual experience for your audience, ensuring they can enjoy synchronized audio and video content. Stay ahead of the curve by providing a dynamic and engaging visual radio experience.
AI Radio DJ playout software

Virtual Radio DJ

Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of our advanced neural technology that seamlessly converts written text into captivating spoken audio. Our tool empowers you to choose from a diverse range of male or female voices and effortlessly customize the pronunciation to meet your specific requirements. But that's not all – we take your audio production to the next level by integrating music files and sound effects, creating a truly immersive show-like experience. You can use music as an introduction and background accompaniment while the text is being read, with automatic fade-ins and fade-outs for seamless transitions between content. Elevate your audio creations with our state-of-the-art system and captivate your audience like never before.

Cut Costs with

AI Radio DJ offers a range of benefits for radio stations. One of the key advantages is the significant cost reduction it brings. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, you can optimize your resources and streamline operations, eliminating the need for human content producers. This not only helps you save on operational expenses but also ensures that the quality and quantity of content remain uncompromised. In addition, mediaTV serves as a robust automation and scheduling tool. With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with the CLOUD platform, you gain full control over managing your commercial traffic, scheduling, and modifying commercial blocks. This powerful combination empowers radio stations to operate efficiently, maximizing their productivity and delivering exceptional broadcasting experiences to their audience.

AI Radio DJ in the radio station studio

Efficient Traffic & Scheduling Solutions

Empower your radio station with advanced traffic and scheduling capabilities that cater to the requirements of both small-market stations and top 50 market clusters and networks.
Take full control of your playlists and effortlessly manage the flow of content.

Intuitive and Customizable Interface
Experience the power of our award-winning Presenter interface, designed for seamless live assist playout. Make quick changes on the fly with ease and enjoy the flexibility of a customizable module-based architecture that adapts to your unique needs.

Comprehensive All-in-One Solution
Streamline your operations with our advanced all-in-one solution that eliminates the need for content ingest. Our system automates content distribution, scheduling, logging, playout, programming, control, and more. Enjoy the convenience of automatic audio file downloads and seamless content network synchronization. With our comprehensive solution, you can optimize your workflow, enhance efficiency, and deliver exceptional broadcasting experiences to your audience.

CLOUD Remote Operation

CLOUD Radio Automation Playout

Introducing CLOUD, a comprehensive web interface that revolutionizes the way you control and administer your radio station remotely. With just an Internet connection, you gain full access to every aspect of your station, from traffic management to commercial scheduling and report generation. This innovative solution allows you to upload commercials and manage commercial blocks seamlessly, all through a user-friendly web browser interface.

By utilizing CLOUD, your staff gains the flexibility to work efficiently from any location, eliminating the need for physical presence at the station. This not only enhances productivity but also reduces operational costs for your station. Empower your management and commercial team with CLOUD, enabling them to work faster, collaborate effectively, and streamline the entire broadcasting experience. Embrace this cost-effective solution and unlock new possibilities for your radio station's success.

The possibilities extend far beyond your wildest imagination

AI Radio DJ revolutionizes video playout with full automation. Embrace the future that awaits and seize the opportunity. Take a leap into tomorrow and turn your dreams into reality.

AI Radio DJ in the radio station studio

Save money with our solution by optimizing resources and reducing expenses.

World-Class Technical Support

Our products come with 24/7 live emergency support and an extensive online support portal and knowledge base. Our experienced technical support team comprises professionals with over 100 years of combined engineering expertise in various broadcast roles, including program directors, engineers, IT managers, and on-air talent. Whether you need remote assistance or on-site installation, the AI Radio DJ support team is always ready to assist your station, even at a moment's notice.


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